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[PHP 核心] PocketMine-MP 3.12.3 原版核心 for MCBE 1.14.60+

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PocketMine-MP 原版核心


PocketMine-MP 3.12.3

PocketMine-MP 3.12.3

This release is a patch update and does not contain any breaking API changes versus 3.12.2.


  • Core code is now analyzed using PHPStan level 8 (using baselines). While not all the code is level 8 compliant, this does mean that new code will be held to a higher standard, ensuring quality going forwards.
  • Players no longer burn when melee-attacked by other players. (vanilla parity)
  • Arrows shot by burning players are no longer on fire. (vanilla parity)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with plugins on Unix filesystems that had backslashes in their names.
  • Cleaned up a whole bunch of unknowns in the protocol layer. Many new constants have been added.
  • Fixed player walking sounds.
  • Default generation queue size has been raised to 32 (previously 8). The previous default was selected in a time when PHP was much less performant than it is today, and in today's world it just needlessly slows things down.
  • Double plants are now burned away by fire.
  • Snow layers can now be stacked. (vanilla parity)
  • Resource pack sending chunk size has been reduced to 128 KB (previously 1 MB). This change was made after analyzing the effects that larger pack chunk sizes have on RakNet. Given the technical evidence, a smaller size, while slightly less bandwidth-efficient, should be more manageable for RakNet due to lower split reassembly overhead and reduced memory pressure.
  • Fixed "switching" (an exploit often complained about by PvP players). Now, the previous damage is subtracted from current damage when an entity is attacked while on cooldown. This means that attacking with a wooden sword and then diamond sword while attack cooldown is active will only deal as much damage as the diamond sword would have, instead of the combined total. This can be controlled using the EntityDamageEvent::MODIFIER_PREVIOUS_DAMAGE_COOLDOWN modifier. (vanilla parity)
  • Fixed projectiles knocking mobs back in unexpected directions on collision.
  • Fixed inventories not being synchronized on failed inventory transactions.
  • Vector3s decoded from packets are no longer rounded directly. Instead, the player movement handler takes responsibility for rounding the coordinates to prevent anti cheat doing something it's not supposed to.
  • mobflame particle can now be spawned using the /particle command.
  • Fixed several internal errors that could occur while modifying writable books.
  • Fixed swAPPing writable book pages not working in some cases.
  • WritableBook->getPageText() no longer throws an exception when the page doesn't exist, but returns null (as it was originally intended to).

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.14.60+

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