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[PHP 核心] PocketMine-MP 3.11.7 原版核心 for MCBE 1.14.x

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PocketMine-MP 原版核心


PocketMine-MP 3.11.7

PocketMine-MP 3.11.7

This release is a patch update and does not contain any breaking API changes versus 3.11.6.


  • Build system: Fixed crash reports of Jenkins builds being rejected by the crash archive as invalid.
  • Introduced a new dependency on pocketmine/log-pthreads, which contains classes separated from pocketmine/log.
  • Fixed minimum composer stability preventing any newer version of pocketmine/pocketmine-mp being installed than 3.3.4 by replacing daverandom/callback-validator with pocketmine/callback-validator.
  • Fixed every player seeing eating particles when any player eats.
  • Fixed setting held item not working during BlockBreakEvent, PlayerInteractEvent and EntityDamageEvent.
  • Fixed some incorrect documented types in PlayerQuitEvent reported by PHPStan.
  • Fixed documentation of Item->pop() return value.
  • Fixed server crash on encountering corrupted compressed data stored in region files.
  • Protocol: Split screen header is now properly accounted for during decoding. Note that split screen is still not supported natively, but their packets can be decoded properly now.
  • Protocol: Fixed wrong order of fields in UpdateTradePacket.
  • Protocol: Fixed loss of fullskinId when decoding network skins.
  • Fixed RCON not being able to bind to port after a fast server restart.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.14.x

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