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[PHP 核心] PocketMine-MP 3.11.6 原版核心 for MCBE 1.14.x

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PocketMine-MP 原版核心


PocketMine-MP 3.11.6

PocketMine-MP 3.11.6

This release is a patch update and does not contain any breaking API changes versus 3.11.5.


  • Core code, tests and build scripts are now analyzed using phpstan-strict-rules and phpstan-phpunit rules.
  • Added more PHPStan-specific type annotations to improve static analysis.
  • Fixed more incorrect PHPDoc types.
  • Added a workaround for player movement not working since 1.14.30.
  • Fixed lava and water buckets being edible since 1.13.
  • AutoUpdater is now created before any plugins are loaded.
  • Fixed trees not generating below y=2 in custom generators.
  • Fixed crash when opening a chest improperly unpaired from its pair (destroyed, setBlock(), unloaded, etc.).
  • ThreadManager is now lazily initialized.
  • Removed raw NBT storage from Item internals. The following methods are now deprecated:
    • Item::setCompoundTag()

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.14.x

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