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[PHP 核心] PocketMine-MP 3.0.9 原版核心 for MCBE 1.4.0

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PocketMine-MP 原版核心


PocketMine-MP 3.0.9

PocketMine-MP 3.0.9

This release is a bugfix update and does not contain any breaking changes versus the previous 3.0.x version (3.0.8).

Plugins compatible with any previous 3.0.x version will also run on this build and do not need API bumps. Plugin developers should only update their required API to this version if you need the bug fixes in this build.

  • Cleaned up odd behaviour of /kill due to old broken code.
  • Fixed patch level check for plugin APIs not allowing lesser patch versions on greater minor versions.
  • Fixed /timings paste. This now reports directly to the timings host instead of using Ubuntu Pastebin.
  • Minor code cleanups in various places.
  • Zip resource packs will now give slightly less useless errors - errors for broken manifest have been separated from those with fields missing, and now reports why decoding failed if it failed.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.4.0

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